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11 Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street

building 2, Moscow, Russia, 105120

POSLEZAVTRA (The day after tomorrow) is an architectural and artistic agency founded by architects,artists,curators and urbanists Dima Bariudin, Egor Larichev, Asya Kotenko, Mikhail Emontaev and Mikhail Labazov (formerly KONTORA, “Voshod” and  “Kabinet Zvukozapisi”).


The agency's main field of activity is imagination, design and creation of unique spaces and spatial experiences, as well as architectural objects of various scales, based on a multi-level interdisciplinary analysis, which we refer to as holistic. We create museums and design exhibitions. We produce public spaces and privat houses. We research new typologies and technologies, we create installations and pavilions. Every day of our present, we deal with the future.


POSLEZAVTRA agents are competent experts in the fields of multimedia theory and integration, lighting design and urban planning, psychology and sociology, transport systems and navigation, graphic design and art history, inclusion and participation, not to mention engineering, geophysics and construction. We believe that truth is born in discussion and actively involve our colleagues in projects. This circumstance makes it possible to create integral conceptual and project proposals that parameterize the consensus of professionals from different fields. It also allows you to implement projects of any complexity.


We are convinced that architecture is not just frozen music, it is a quiet pool, a deep throat, an endless story, a forest of miracles, a remedy for mosquitoes, a trace of God and education of genetations.

We can do everything, we are realists. We always remember the timing.



We are confident that any problem can be solved peacefully and people today have all the tools for this. There is no justification for trying to resolve conflicts through murder, robbery and deceit.


Poslezavtra agents:

D. Bariudin, E. Goverdovsy, M. Emontaev, A. Kotenko, M. Labazov,

E. Larichev, D. Marison, E. Ratnikova, S. Romanovskaya-Nikich, Y. Romadova,

N. Vasiliev, A. Yagubskaya